• Taniya Sanyal


Are you concerned about losing muscle while working hard to get in shape? you can lose fat without losing muscle. To prevent muscle breakdown during weight loss you need to follow a few eating and fitness guidelines, which will lead you to your desired result.

  • Eat whole foods and fiber: - Research shows consuming large amounts of ultra-processed foods leads to greater calorie intake and weight gain. Consuming whole food sources, especially those rich in fiber helps in fat loss.

  • Strength Training: Strength training is important for building lean muscle. Combining strength training with high-intensity interval training can increase muscle mass losing fat.

  • Focus on your protein Intake: - ingesting an adequate amount of protein is necessary for preserving muscle tissue. Protein helps in the repair, rebuild, and maintain muscle tissue which helps to increase metabolic rate.

  • Make recovery a Priority :- Give your body a chance to adapt to the stress that you put it through with exercise. During this process, your tissue repairs and your muscles are replenished with more glycogen.

  • Carbohydrate is'nt your Enemy :- Carbohydrates are one of the best source of energy in human body. It provides instant energy and It is the main source of energy for brain. It plays crucial role in hand and eye co ordination for athletes.

  • Meet your daily calorie goal :- Calorie deficits that are too large will result in quick weight loss but some of that loss will come from muscle. Meet your daily calorie requirement to prevent muscle loss.

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