• Taniya Sanyal

Is Milk beneficial for Athletes?

I have seen athletes have a huge tendency of drinking milk because it is known as a good source of high biological protein, It contains many essential micronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and all the essential amino acid that required for the growth and repair of body cells.

But Research says that a lot of medical problems are associated with milk.

Milk is also a rich source of saturated fat leading to weight gain. Now days researches coming up which is linking milk and dairy product with acne. Milk is also known to stimulate the production of Dihydrotestosterone which further causes oily skin, acne and increase sebum production.

The process of farming has vastly changed in the past two generations, and in an attempt to increase milk production, a variety of hormones and the antibiotics pumped into cows may lead to hormonal disbalance and antibiotic resistance in humans who consume milk. Casein accounts for about 80 percent of the protein in milk. There are also different types of casein, one of them is called beta-casein. It makes up about 30 percent of the protein in cow’s milk. A1 and A2 are two variants of beta-casein.

Milk that comes from the cows of western origin contains A1 beta-casein and milk that comes from the cows of Indian and South Asian origin contains A2 beta-casein. When the A1 beta-casein gets digested in our body it releases a peptide called BCM-7 or Beta casomorphin- 7, Which is responsible for diseases like Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, apnea, constipation. It also affects our immunity and negatively affects our autoimmune system.

For athletes Drinking A2 Milk are may be safer from A1 milk. Or You Can replace milk with soy milk, oats milk, almond milk.

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